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Hey Sugar! Sweets
Chan Buie, founder and baker

ChanBuie150.jpgIn 2009, Chan Buie was serving her country in the U.S. Navy. She was also serving her friends and family delicious food inspired by her childhood days with relatives in the South. Encouraged by the rave reviews from colleagues and relatives, Chan began to focus more of her off time on her cooking until deployment took her away. When she returned, she set her sights on making her side hustle her full-time focus as she prepared to retire in September 2020 with 20 years of active service.

“My inspiration while I was in the Navy was being stationed in San Diego,” Chan explains. “This city is such a melting pot of cultures, and there’s a lot of people from the South who want good Southern home cooking. I actually started out as a caterer doing food and desserts, but my passion is desserts.”

With the support of her family and close friends, Chan created Hey Sugar! Sweets Bakery, which is currently based in Menifee, California, but delivers throughout Southern California. The focus at Hey Sugar! Sweets is the traditional “made from scratch” desserts she remembered from family dinners and Sunday after-church bake sales. “These are the nostalgic Southern-style comfort desserts that were such a part of my life when I was younger,” says Chan.

Chan explains that the name of her company comes from the traditional Southern greeting among family and good friends: “Hey, Sugar!” The name also emcompasses the focus of her business - cakes of all types. From the deep, dark butter flavors of her signature Cinnamon Crunch Cake to the  rich, gooey pecan, brown sugar and coconut German Chocolate Cake, Hey Sugar! Sweets creations are guaranteed to put a smile on any sweets-lover’s face.

“When people try these cakes, the reactions I get are, ‘I haven’t had something like this for a very long time,’” says Chan. “That makes me feel very good, to know people enjoy my desserts that much.”

See for yourself what others have discovered at Hey Sugar! Sweets Bakery. Order online or by phone at 888-6SWEETS (888-679-3387)





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